“Reach One, Teach One” is an initiative to educate the underprivileged children.


Reach One – Teach One is an initiative that emphasizes the professionals, donors, and youngsters to volunteer or support, to educate the children who do not have access to the schools, by teaching them, or by providing them financial assistance for education.


This program has been launched to address the problems faced by the education sector and provide a solution to address such issues by creating learning opportunities for children who do not have access to the schools.

Vision & Mission

We aim to create sustainable learning opportunities for the underprivileged children to achieve a literate, developed and prosperous Pakistan. Moreover, we aim to create enthusiasm for volunteerism in youth and produce a human resource for the development of society.

Get Involved

Reach One – Teach One provides volunteerism, helping kind and other opportunities to the students, professionals of Pakistan. Students from a rich variety of academic disciplines are encouraged to participate and help us in developing the world a better place.